Temperature/Pressure Sensor

This example uses a cheap ($10) BMP180 barometric pressure/temperature/altitude sensor and a Raspberry Pi to display temperature and pressure on dial gauges.

Hardware Setup

  • Raspberry Pi (all model except Pico)

  • BMP180 pressure/temperature/altitude sensor

Wire the BMP180 to the Raspberry Pi:

Sensor Raspberry Pi


VCC 3V3 (Pin 1)

GND GND (Pin 6)

SCL SCL (pin 5)

SDA SDA (Pin 3)

Software Setup

  • Use the raspi-config tool to enable I2C interface on Raspberry Pi

  • Install i2c-utils

sudo apt install -y i2c-tools

  • Verify I2C connections. There should be at least one address in use. (if you see all "--" for all the addresses, something is wrong in finding the I2C device: check wiring).

sudo i2cdetect -y 1

Files for this example are located in examples/bmp180:


├── bmp180.go

└── cmd

└── bmp180

└── main.go


$ cd merle

$ ./build examples/bmp180


$ cd merle

$ ~/go/bin/bmp180 -h

Usage of /home/merle/go/bin/bmp180:

-TLS uint

TLS port


Run as Thing Prime

-rhost string

Remote host

-ruser string

Remote user (default "merle")