Getting Started

What is Merle?

Merle is a framework for building secure web-apps for your IoT project.

Merle uses the Go and JavaScript programming languages. Yes, you'll need to write some code, but in most cases you can start with an example and modify to suit.

Follow these Getting Started steps to ramp up on Merle.

🧩 Learn about Merle Things

A Thing in Merle is your application. Thing runs on your platform and controls the attached I/O resources. Thing is also a web server and serves up a user interface so the you can interact with your Thing, even over the Internet, from your smartphone, if you want.

🧩 Try the Tutorial

The tutorial is a simple Thing which blinks an LED attached to a Raspberry Pi. If you don't have the hardware required for the tutorial, you can still work through the tutorial steps to build and run the application. (No LED will blink, of course, but Thing will run).

🧩 Explore the Examples

GPS locator example uses a Raspberry Pi and a cellular modem to get GPS coordinates and to connect to the Internet. The user interface shows a map centered on the current location.

Relays example uses a Raspberry Pi to control four relays via GPIO. The user interface shows four radio buttons, one for each relay, allowing the user to turn on/off relays.

Temperature/pressure sensor example uses a Raspberry Pi and a BMP180 sensor. The user interface is a couple of gauges showing current temperature and pressure.

CAN bus bridge example is a Merle bridge. It bridges CAN devices over Wifi. Each CAN device runs on a Raspberry Pi. There is no user interface for the bridge; its only function is to connect CAN devices over Wifi and to broadcast CAN frames from one device to the others.

Hub is an example of a Merle hub. A hub allows other Things to connect and provides a central view to all connected Things. It does no forwarding of packets between Things; it only provides a central view.

Thermostat controller example is a Merle controller. It allows two other Things to connect and runs as a controller between the two Things. The first Thing is the temperature/pressure example and the second Thing is the relays example. The controller turns relays on/off based on current temperature reading and a set point.

🧩 More Reading

More advanced topics are covered in these section for further reading.